The iPhone’s declining, but no-one brings the data


It’s clear only a trolling fanboi would ask for evidence of the following statements;

    "Apple is falling behind a bit…" because there are "…so many (things) available on other platforms."
    "Apple is…too stubborn to jump onto some of the things its competitors have been embracing."
    If "…the next generation of iPhone/iOS…isn’t something literally game changing, the attrition will increase for sure."

as they are entirely self-evident in and of themselves. Apple’s evolutionary, sustainable product development practices are unable to keep pace with the industry requirement for innovative, disruptive hardware and software every 6-9 months.
As they are no longer able to change the game, it’s logical they should just accept their position in the technology scheme of things. In god we trust, the evidence is in.



I thought this was an interesting piece on justice in the context of the recent case in Steubenville. Especially this passage:

We cannot believe our justice system is fucked up and that crime has environmental causes and then suddenly become throw-the-book-at-’em Personal Responsibility chanting right-wingers if the crime they committed is especially offensive to us.

The Bucket List of Technology


Samsung's Bucket List of Technology Features for the Galaxy S 4

As I read about the new technology which Samsung have included with their newly announced mobile device, it was obvious to me that they are migrating to a more user focused company from their technical background.The presentations at the launch – most especially the one accompanying this post, however hinted they aren’t yet ready to leave behind the focus on the technology behind the features in their promotions.

Visuals hang around, and are inherently more reusable to illustrate your product than the words written by the technologically savvy for their gadget hungry readership. The attendees at today’s launch were clearly the right audience for the bucket list of technology crammed into the Galaxy S 4, like the example I share, but there is a lot to be said for your imagery to instead focus on simply explaining the key features. One at a time.

Especially when, in order to get the scale you need to be successful, your potential customers are more interested in what they can do with your innovation rather than what it is called or how many audio codecs it supports.


TwitCleaner, the excellent service to help you manage your twitter account, has shut down due to inability to maintain service following upgrade to Twitter API 1.1.

Check out the list of features planned to be implemented and now look at how well, in five years, twitter has managed its spam problem.

It looks like developer Si Dawson nailed it when he wrote;

So obvious in hindsight. Never play football when someone else owns the field.