Don’t Look Back


Don’t Look Back

Rather than writing a lengthy blogpost on the year we are just finishing, I’d prefer to focus on the future and my ambition for the type of content I want to introduce to this site in 2010 and beyond.

In the meantime, enjoy these Wordle’s as a description of what I have been writing here and saying on Twitter. Oh and Happy New Year, lets make results

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Kindle, the future is medium

I’ve just read another piece lionising the Kindle as the device to end all Book Buying.

I appreciate there is a large minority of the population, and probably not just ‘early adopters’ who think Kindle is the best thing they have ever used. And Amazon’s sales numbers, seem to further that point. Though as Amazon don’t release specific numbers for Kindle, there is no way of comparing them to say, iPod touch or even iPhone.

For me the fundamental failure of this article, as appears regularly in the majority of the commentariat, is that it ignores the biggest downside of Kindle as a hardware platform. And really, I probably wouldn’t mind so much this detraction was missed if it wasn’t that this downside does seem reasonably obvious to Amazon themselves.

The future of Kindle isn’t in a single function device. This is why there are Kindle apps for iPhone, Android etc. Kindle, the piece of kit, is already and will continue to affect the traditional book publishing system in the short term Continue reading

NO CLEAN FEED, and I won’t support any company who wants it.


With the announcement via press release today that OPTUS, Telstra and Primus are supporting the Government plan to filter and censor the internet in Australia, I have just written a short, and very clear email to some PR people who I’d been working with on an upcoming OPTUS social media marketing plan, which included a launch featuring a video I produced.

I made it crystal clear that as of this very instant, I will NOT, in any way, be supporting, promoting, endorsing or working with OPTUS in any way and that I withdraw my consent for them to use any of my material in any and all OPTUS PR or promotions.

The biggest irony of all this? The OPTUS campaign was to deliver the message of “CHOICE”, the EXACT opposite of what censoring our internet would mean.